Participate in the “Gifts from BakAi” promotion under new terms and conditions!

31 May 2024

Following the enormous interest in our campaign, Bakai Bank has decided to change the terms and conditions to fulfill the needs of an even greater number of clients. It is our goal to make participation in the campaign accessible to as many people as possible.

Earn money and win prizes!

Participation in promotions has never been more convenient. It only takes a few simple steps to participate in the drawing of valuable prizes:

  1. Download and register in the BakAi app
    • The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Complete your tasks
    • Tasks are simple and are typical customer actions: pay for utilities, cash out money, transfer payment via QR and others. For the convenience of clients, tasks can be performed in any order
  3. Get your chance to win
    • For each task completed, you'll be rewarded instantly with a cash prize, one of several iPhones15 or a new 2024 BYD Yuan Pluselectric car.

The updated terms and conditions for participation in the promotion can be found at The new terms and conditions of the promotion make the chances of winning prizes even higher. We believe that these changes will make the promotion even more attractive for all our clients.

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