POS-terminal (Point of sale)is a terminal for processing payments for goods and services at Points of sales using cards and other remote service tools. BAKAI BANK OJSC offers:

  1. Free installation of POS-terminals for trade and service enterprises for cooperation in non-cash payments by means of bank cards ELKARD, VISA and MASTERCARD.
  2. Flexible tariff system. The amount of commission is determined individually and depends on the sphere of activity and volume of trade turnover of your organization;
  3. Detailed statement of operations with bank cards;
  4. Prompt terms of reimbursement;
  5. Free of charge current account opening*;
  6. Free withdrawal of funds from the account;

There are currently over two million cardholders of the national payment system ELCARD in Kyrgyzstan, and more than 1.5 million VISA cardholders.    

In turn, your organization gets to enjoy the following features:

  1. Attraction of new clients - i.e. owners of bank payroll payment cards issued by BAKAI BANK OJSC, credit programs, the number of which is constantly increasing;
  2. Involvement of new clients - cardholders of other banks;
  3. Increase in turnover - cardholders decide more easily on unplanned expenses;
  4. Possibility to retain clients by providing a joint loyalty program;
  5. Reduction of cash handling costs (savings on collection);
  6. Reduction of risks related to cash turnover (cash in cash desk always implies possibility of manipulation by employees and the less cash in cash desk, the less risk of counterfeit banknotes getting into it);
  7. Additional advertising in social networks.


If you want to install a POS-terminal, you should apply to the nearest branch of BAKAI BANK OJSC, leave an application, enter into an agreement and open an account.

*Promotion is valid until 31.12.2024.