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Individual safety deposit boxes

BAKAI BANK OJSC offers individual safety deposit boxes to store your valuables.

Safety deposit boxes is a reliable and safe way to store your valuables. Whether it's money, antiques, documents, jewelry or other valuables, Bakai Bank will ensure the safety of your property and guarantees confidentiality. We offer a variety of box sizes depending on your needs, as well as convenient rental terms. 

Tariffs in soms:

Storage of valuables in
individual bank
safe deposit boxes (term):

                                                                     Box sizes
Central Branch,
118 Moskovskaya St., Bishkek city
1 month300 soms 700 soms700 soms800 soms950 soms 1300 soms
12 months     11 000 soms 12 500 soms

VIP -Center Bakai Branch,
77 Isanova St., Bishkek city

1 month   700 soms  1000 soms 
Mossovet Branch,
125 Adbrahmanova St., Bishkek city
3 mos.   3600 soms  4400 soms 
6 mos.   5800 soms  7200 soms 
9 mos.   8000 soms  9800 soms 
12 mos.   9400 soms  12 200 soms 

BFZ Branch, ,57 K.Akieva St., Bishkek city 

1 mos. 700 soms      
Main Branch,
166 Tynystanova St., Bishkek city
 1 mos.   700 soms  1000 soms 
Deposit for renting safety deposit boxes4000 soms per box
Fee for lost, damaged key or a safety deposit box4000 soms per box



The tariffs are valid at the moment of conclusion of agreements and contracts and can be revised by the Bank unilaterally. Information about tariff changes is posted by the Bank on the Bank's website, on the stands in the offices of the Bank and other available means of information 10 days prior to them going into effect. 

The tariffs include the sales tax and VAT.

The Bank provides tariffs and terms for servicing payment cards, leasing individual safety deposit boxes, interest rates and other terms for loans, interest rates on demand and term deposits in KGS and other (foreign) currencies are set in separate annexes and are subject to review by the Bank at any time depending on market conditions.

The Bank reserves the right to set individual fees and commissions, different from the above depending on the volume of transactions on the account/s and depending on other factors, such as, for example, changes in market conditions.